Let’s Disrupt the Government!


Have you marked your calendar for DC’s Startup Weekend on June 15-17? If not, go and book it for a weekend long of awesomeness!

We will be building companies that aim to disrupt how the government works! This is our second pilot focused on fostering innovation & entrepreneurship in the public sector. Here are a few ideas where the government needs a shake up:

  • making government operations more efficient
  • simplifying government collaboration
  • reducing barriers to access government resources
  • facilitating & improving policy-making
  • supporting & enhancing civic engagement

We will get together on Friday evening at Microsoft’s Chevy Chase office where you will get a chance to pitch your ideas or join the ones that captured your attention. On Saturday you will spend your time on coding, hacking, designing and all other activities that usually go into makings of a startup. Don’t worry we will keep you fed and energized throughout the day. In addition, you will get a chance to listen to different speakers and get help from various mentors. Sunday is the culmination day. You will have time until evening to keep hacking and get ready for the presentation of your “baby” startup. Prizes will be awarded and we will continue with the festivities in the bar nearby.

If this is your first Startup Weekend keep in mind that final presentations on Sunday will be judged on validation with real-life users, practicality of the prototype, and business model (for revenue-supported products & services) or impact (for grant-supported products and services).

Up until the event we will be updating you on the news regarding prizes, mentors, judges and all other necessary info. During the event we will be posting live updates on the teams and summaries for each day; so, stay tuned.

Come and get a taste of a startup life, it may change Your life and no we are not being corny, this is the reality!