Meet the Teams!


Dinner isn’t too far away at Startup Weekend DC and with the sun setting the teams are feeling the pressure.  In true Startup Weekend fashion, we’re expecting some pivots between now and presentations tomorrow but for the moment, here’s a look at the teams who are furiously building.

1. Trips Ole

Description: Making it easy for teachers to choose safe, reliable, more effective learning experiences with the confidences of our community recommendations.


2.  BrailleBot

Description: e publishing for kids with print disabilities – software technology pre-existed on the mashupapp (

3. Shake on It

Description: Make handshakes more meaningful than ever!


4.  Weekly Eats

Description: Build a healthy, easy and cheap weekly meal planner for young, recent college grads


5. EventStir

Description: Allow individual users to create/fund unique events that use crowd-sourcing.


6.  Epic Tripper

Description: Allow people to come together and discover common epic trip ideas, plan them out, and go do them. Realize your epic trip dream.


Description: Crate Zero simplifies and improves your ability to manage logistics.


Twitter: @charlesplanck

8. TwelfthFan

Description: Where fans hang out.


Twitter: @twelfthfan

9. Kairos

Description: Virtual tours evoking emotional reactions allowing people to see, hear, and feel the historical relevance of the places they visit using tablet/smartphone technology.


10.  Encore

Description: Software as a service for non-profits and donors to share, collaborate, and show impact


11. BrewNome

Description: website and mobile app that recommends new beers and wines based on their genetic code. Pandora for beer and wine (recommendations).


12. Hitchatrip

Description: we’re bringing hitchhiking back


Twitter: @hitchatrip

13. Perfect Gift

Description: Ease of mind and ease of time. The perfectgift takes the stress out of gift giving

14. GreenToDew

Description: One-stop shop for expert info and purchasing green products. where customers can find sortable info on where to buy specific green products, materials/ingreditents contains, where it’s produced, certifications.


Twitter: @greentodew

15. Craig’s Network

Description: more user-friendly craigslist that processes payments with a social networking capability

16. Feastly

Description:  Air b’n’b of dining services


Twitter: @eatfeastly

17. LoyalCurve

Description:  Loyal Curve is a customer loyalty platform for small merchants


Twitter: @loyalcurve