So What Is This Global Startup Battle 2011?


When we announced Startup Weekend DC 2011, we mentioned that the winner will go on to represent DC in the Global Startup Battle. We haven’t gone into much detail on that so, now, we are going to take some of the wraps off.

First of all, the Global Startup Battle is going to be much bigger than anyone has anticipated. Originally, we were told it would be 40-50 contestants. The final count turned out to be 65 (!!!) teams from Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, and South America (but no Australian/Oceanian contestants). To put this into perspective: there was a grand total of just 87 events in all of 2010.

The competition and its voting process will be as fast-paced as any Startup Weekend. The winning team will need to post a 1-minute video pitch of their product by 11PM PST on November 21. This means that the DC representative will have not even 30 hours to write it, film it, and complete post-production on it. The public voting will take place from November 22 until November 28, and the winner will be announced on November 30.

And now, the drum roll!

The main prize for the winner of the Global Startup Battle will be tickets to DEMO Asia conference in Singapore on February 29 – March 1 to present the company in Startup Showcase! There are a few other prizes in the works but none of them will beat the wow-factor of the main one. We will announce them once they are confirmed.

As for DC’s local prizes and sponsorships, we are announcing them shortly, too, as we are waiting to finish the last touches. In the meantime, you can guess some of them by looking at the logos on the right. Tell us in the comments what you think those will be!